Our company has 24 years of experience in Europe (Latvia, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, Greece, Russia, Iceland, Italy, Great Britain etc.)


One of the more favorable areas of investment today is in the construction field. We offer managed investments with a high return on capital. We can provide the high-est quality of project management.


High and stable quality is one of the greatest values of RENGARD’S ENERGY, which has helped the company to take and maintain a top position in the market despite the rapid growth of our competition.

Compliance with the growing demand for the highest level of quality is very important for the further development and competitiveness of any organization. RENGARD’S ENERGY has always pursued the continuous improvement of quality systems, resulting in benefits for everyone – cooperation partners, clients, and society.


The final responsibility for the success of every project lies on RENGARD’S ENERGY, and therefore the guarantees provided by the company comply with the real experience and European practice.

We have defined 3 basic principles for our company: honesty, professionalism and innovation.